Happy 100th Day! by Susan Milord

Happy 100th Day! by Susan Milord (Susan Milord, 2011)

Bright mixed media couples with the heart-felt emotional turmoil of Graham’s trials and triumphs leading up to the 100th Day celebrations. Miss Currier has implied that there won’t be enough time in the day to celebrate both 100th Day and Graham’s birthday.  The class spends the time leading up to the big day working on their 100th Day projects and learning to count to 100.  Each two-page spread is littered with colorful collages of paper chains, letters, and numbers to help readers and Graham practice counting while reinforcing Graham’s self-imposed isolation from the celebrations. The engaging representational art has child appeal and Graham’s frustrations with reading are easy to relate to, although sometimes the art is too focused on 100th Day preparations and not focused enough on Graham’s story.  In the end, Graham receives a birthday surprise and realizes that he enjoys school after all.  The final endpapers include a legend of the 100 collage objects and which pages to find them on for counting exercises.  Beginning and early readers will get the most out of this realistic tale and its simple, straightforward prose.–Jamie-Lee Schombs, MLIS candidate, Pratt Institute


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