Student Teaching K-4

I’m back after a brief hiatus in which classes begun, grad and elementary, because guess what? I’m living the student teaching life, take two. The first time was as an undergrad at New Paltz, in English/Secondary Education. Pratt works differently though; I student teach at the Elementary level for twenty days this fall, and at the Secondary level for twenty days in the spring. I am placed at The School at Columbia University with two amazing librarians there.

Today was my third day, only 17 to go! I have learned much in my short time there, mostly classroom management techniques at the elementary level, which I was sorely lacking. The first few weeks are always educational for all; I have made note of how the librarians present library etiquette expectations and consequences for rule breaking, as well as first-day storytime ideas and videos. Speaking of videos, here is the ritual first-day-in-the-library video, by student request, for grades K-2:

Cookie Monster in the Library