WizIQ Virtual Classroom iPad App

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The new virtual classroom app pilot from WizIQ launches in November. Students can attend online classes from anywhere their iPads have Internet access. A window features a live video feed with echo cancellation audio of the instructor and a chat function enables public convos with other students and / or private convos with the instructor. Students can pull up documents and spreadsheets that the instructor shares with the class right through the app and view or write on the white board with the teacher’s permission. What a helpful resource for students with special needs or students who wish to take courses offered at other institutions. I’m excited to see how this app plays out in schools with the possibilities for interschool cooperation through projects, presentations, and events. It has great potential for offering students more opportunities to enroll in classes of interest, sparking inquiry and enjoyment simultaneously.

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WizIQ Virtual Classroom iPad App




Glogster it

This is a great way to advertise for a library event on your website! Glogster is, essentially, an animated poster. Here’s a sample I made for one of my classes: an app party!