11/8: NYC’s School Library System Presents: Library Services Fall 2011 Conference

This year’s library services conference was packed with current topics of interest, technology integration, software demos, exciting upcoming titles, and author speaks.  After a pleasant welcome from Barbara Spripling and a riveting lecture by keynote Dr. Marc Aronson, librarians scattered.  Hour-long workshops for librarians and by librarians / publishers followed.  There were so many interesting workshops to choose from, it was difficult to attend just one in a time slot!  The coolest conference wrap-up was author speed-dating.  Though it was a bit unorganized and we were hounded by the microphone, hearing the authors speak about their books and upcoming projects in a small setting was enlightening.  I definitely heard about a few books that would make it to my personal shelf asap!  Author signings followed.  I had never been to this particular conference before and so cannot compare it with last year’s, but it was certainly worthy of professional development hours.

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