Review: Spark by Brigid Kemmerer

In this sizzling sequel to Storm in the Elemental Series, Gabriel Merrick destroys everything he touches–including anything flammable. His family and friends are Elementals, too, meaning they each have some control over an element. But Gabriel’s element is fire, the most volatile and terrifying to manipulate. And when fires mysteriously begin all over Annapolis, MD, Gabriel is the prime suspect. While he struggles to harness his powers, Gabriel is in danger of failing high school. He has leaned on his twin brother, Nick, for Math homework and tests since middle school, switching places so that Gabriel’s teachers never know the difference. This new Math teacher knows his tricks, however, and forces Gabriel to own up to his education.

In a moment of confusion on a surprise Math test, Layne Forrest, the unimposing and forgettable girl sitting next to Gabriel, fixes his test for him and offers to help him catch up. Gabriel has more in common with Layne than he knows; she has a devastating history with fire, too. Readers follow their romance as it unfolds over a span of two weeks, falling in love with the characters and feeling first love all over again.

Gabriel’s frustration with school, friends, and his abilities are easy to relate to. We’ve all felt overwhelmed, wishing our responsibilities were someone else’s problem. It’s encouraging to watch Gabriel begin to make the right choices for himself and those closest to him as he grows as a person and in love, discovering his identity and place in the world. A solid paranormal romance to warm the heart.


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