Review: Through to You

Camden Pike is still reeling from the car crash that should have killed him instead of his girlfriend, Viv. He spends most of his time on the street corner where she died, chain smoking and dwelling on the past. She should never have been taken from him. As months pass and he continues to resist help from his therapist and his mostly-absent mother, Cam finally becomes fed up and throws his zippo (a gift from Viv) into the bushes by the memorial. When he returns to retrieve it, he notices a glowing green light and hears a voice. A girl appears through a portal, cast in the creepy green light. Her name is Nina, and she’s lost; Cam’s world looks and feels the same as Nina’s, but it’s very different. Cam helps her home only to discover that in Nina’s world, Viv’s alive. How can he resist seeing her again–being with her again? Despite Nina’s warnings and begs to avoid her, Camden can’t help sneaking away to see her; but he’s not very happy when he learns the truth about the crash.

This book had so much potential. Camden’s rough cursing and angst seem forced; there was definitely a better way to convey his grief and anger than Hainsworth’s approach to dialogue. After reading this, I would love to see this in a series of letters to Viv from Camden. It would give readers a real opportunity to get inside Cam’s head and hear his raw emotions with a specific audience in mind. I wish there had been more about Cam’s life and Nina’s, too, in the book. A lot of it was Cam recovering from the crash and sorting out his feelings, which was great, but there’s more to life than that. What about family? Friends? Future plans? Cam was mostly having a psychotic episode during this book. I didn’t find too many redeeming qualities in him as a character. The science fiction element was unfulfilled, too. More exploration with the idea of other worlds and portals would have spiced this up a bit. Overall, an entertaining read, but for a more substantial love story, try some Nicholas Sparks.


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