It’s April already?!

Sheesh, time is flying.  RJHS students have just returned from spring break, and we have 6 weeks of the school year left!  Amazing.

There’s still lots to be done before the year is over.  Next Wednesday is the libraries’ annual Poetry Slam, a new experience for me.  I started poetry readings at my previous school but, at RJHS, this is the libraries’ 8th annual Poetry Slam!  Our guest slammer, SATA a.k.a. Avery Kirk, is booked; cookies and coffee are in the works; talented students are signing up to perform their own slam poetry or songs with their rock bands…it’s all very exciting.  Select teachers and the guest slammer will judge the slam, and prizes will go to the top 3 poets.


Mrs. Whitley and I are working on interactive library displays to celebrate National Poetry Month.  We’re thinking spine poet-trees, among other things.  This week we are wrapping up March Madness, which was put on hold because of two snow days right before spring break.  The final game is The Perks of Being a Wallflower vs. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone — you can easily guess which is in the lead!

Bye for now,