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Free Tech for Teachers: Read Write Think Timelines


From the website:

  • Looking to build skills or create new habits? Help children or teens make and manage a focused schedule of activities for a week.
  • After reading a book or story, review the events by helping children put them in order. Encourage them to record their reactions to enhance the review.
  • Before a big event such as a family gathering or vacation, help children or teens plan what steps need to be taken to get ready. Ask them to keep track of the steps as they are accomplished.


I’m sending this link to teachers who are participating in the RJHS “Year of the Top 30” project. Depending on the essential question they choose, teachers could use the timeline tool to present the top 10 works of American literature, the top 10 scientific theories that every American should know, the top 10 World History events that everyone needs to know, etc. This is an easy tool to create a visual representation of the class list.

The Top 10 Library Stories of 2013

The Top 10 Library Stories of 2013

I apologize for being out of touch with this blog for so long, but life at Loyola got away from me for awhile.  Now that it’s 2014, my resolution is to get back on track.  Here’s an article that sums up the milestones of 2013–all the news and comments that I should have made.




Digital Tools for Learning Across the Curriculum






Here are two links to livebinders that present a variety of Web 2.0 tools for digital instruction and information literacy.

The first is a presentation I gave to Fordham Preparatory School in Bronx, NY this afternoon.  If you’re new to incorporating instructional technology into the classroom, this is the one to start with.  I’ve included a few assignments from my class to illustrate how easy it is to plug in a variety of content.


This second livebinder is a well-curated compilation by an educator in North Carolina.





Research Tips and Tricks with Glogster


Glogster is a digital poster generator, great for giving presentations or compiling resources for a project. I created this one as a refresher for a junior English class whose project was to write an extensive research paper on a topic of their choice.

Research Tips & Tricks Glog

Ninth Grade Scoop.it Career Exploration Projects


It’s been awhile, but the freshmen and I have been very busy here! Below is a link to January’s library newsletter. Highlighted are freshmen projects using Scoop.it, a digital magazine generator that students used to explore a career. Have a look!

January 2013 Newsletter

Scoop.it project highlights:

The Engineer



The Medical Field

Event Planning


Personal Branding for Librarians


Being conscious of your digital reputation and improving it by posting professional articles, materials, etc. can vastly improve your chances at finding a job. Take these ideas and vignettes into account.

Personal Branding for Librarians: Distinguishing yourself from the professional herd